Love Yourself

It's time to learn to love yourself... inside and out!

Imagine a world where you are no longer at war with your body and your mind.

Can you picture a world where you aren’t controlled by the negative self talk? The kind of voices that tell you that you aren’t good enough, that keep you in fear and stop you from living the life you truly want to live.

It’s exhausting to be battling with yourself and constantly in your own head. Decisions are hard, you’re not getting the results you want and although you’re getting older, that so called “wisdom” hasn’t yet miraculously landed in your lap.

Something has to change and you know it. You can’t keep up the façade of everything being ok when you know that you are struggling inside. Even when things are going right, something still feels wrong because you know that deep down, you’re not happy with who you are.

STOP! You have been taught to think this way, you are trapped by your own belief systems; but it’s possible to change them. It takes guts to face yourself and when you do, you will set yourself free.

Learn to let go of the thoughts that hold you back and start to live with More Confidence.

"In a world that profits from self-hate, self-love is an act of rebellion."
-- Lunaria Gaia --

Meet Lunaria Gaia

Self Love Rebel

Lunaria Gaia knows all things self esteem, confidence and body image.

Her life long journey to self love begun as a little girl watching her role models hate their body and punishing themselves with crazy diets and exercise regimes.

She watched her peers criticise their bodies and soon fell victim to society’s beauty standards, learning that self hate was easier and far more socially acceptable.

For years her life was lived in self hate and body dissatisfaction.
Something clicked and Luna decided that self hate was getting her nowhere and there had to be a better way.

Now, an accomplished Life Coach, NLP practitioner and Speaker, Luna inspires others to see the greatness within them; to throw off the expectations and judgements, to let go of the ties that hold them back and finally return to their best self- to self love.

“I started working with Luna just over 3 weeks ago now. When we first spoke, I was a mess. As a drug addict in early recovery, I felt stuck. I had very low self confidence, was constantly beating myself up over the past.

I allowed people to walk all over me and I just had no idea how to move forward. In just 3 coaching sessions, I am so happy to say that I feeling like a new person. My self confidence has sky rocketed, I have learnt how to forgive myself and leave the past where it belongs.

I have learnt how to stand up for myself and set boundaries with people, all because Luna helped me to see my self worth. I no longer feel stuck and am finding that with Luna’s strategies I feel confident in myself to handle situations I would have hid from 3 weeks ago.

We still have a way to go, but I am forever grateful to Luna and her amazing work and insight into helping me move forward into the life I want, being the person I had dreamed of becoming. Most importantly now, I love myself and the life I’m creating!”

Toni Martin

Explore self love and confidence with me...

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