Learn to love yourself & love your body 

Break the cycle of negative thinking,  heal your relationship with your body,  stand in your power,  come home to your authentic self and 

connect with fellow souls on the journey.


Awaken your self love today. 

Join the

Self Love Awakening Collective

and finally set yourself free

You're not alone. The negative self-talk, the overwhelming emotions, the destructive habits, the people-pleasing and the self-judgement are all too familiar to me. I've walked this path and know what it's like to be stuck not feeling confident enough to be your true self. 

It's time to take off the protective layers you wear and heal the parts of you that you keep hidden. It's time to awaken your self love. 

  • Manage your negative self talk

  • Learn to face difficult emotions

  • Learn boundary setting (and keeping)

  • Heal your relationship with your body

  • Clear trauma trapped in your body

  • Change the beliefs that hold you back

  • Connect with a tribe of women on the same journey as you

What level is right for me?

Can I afford it?

I get it, it's scary to invest in yourself when you don't feel like you're worth it. If nothing changes in your life, then nothing will change. At some point, we have to make the decision that the pain of staying where we are is greater than any obstacle that we may encounter. Sometimes we just need to jump toward the direction of our dreams. 

I'm in the business of ecological self love. If it scares you to invest, good. If it stretches your budget and means that you may need to have a little less takeaway for a couple of months, good. Stepping into our truth will always be scary and investing time, money & energy into ourselves is the only way to change our reality.

If investing in this collective will take food off your table and will put you under serious financial stress, then please DO NOT ENROL. You can join my soon to be launched Self Love Club membership portal for just $17.99/month and start your journey there or even still, follow me on social media for tonnes of free content.

If you're still with me, then listen up. You can't afford NOT to invest in yourself. It's the ONLY way that change is going to happen for you. Sure, if you vibe with my vibe, then I'd love for you to come and hang out with me for a couple of months, but if I'm not your jam, then please still go invest with someone who lights you up. Whatever investment you make in yourself will come back to you tenfold in growth.


Payment plans are available to suit your needs

Level 1

Wednesday night teaching

Recordings for life

Fully supported & private WhatsApp group


Level 2

All of Level 1 plus:

2 one on one coach healing sessions from Luna

Observe the coach healing of others 


Payment Plans

Level 1

Deposit $100 

9 weekly payments of $44.33

Level 2 

Deposit $150   

9 weekly payments of $72.11

24/7 Support

In full offer: Pay in full & recieve one month free access to The Self Love Club Membership portal

Early enrollment: The sooner you enrol the smaller your installments can be. Make an enquiry to find something that works for you

Our beautiful Collective members

What they're saying

"I just completed the Self Love Awakening course. Wow!  What can I say? It has given me a lot of tools to help with the future.

It has made me more aware and able to love my whole self with acceptance and honesty.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with self love/confidence/acceptance.


The coaching sessions really helped me to integrate and pursue changes/awakenings that had been made in the course. Thank you so very much Luna." 

Janelle Reed

"It has taken me a while to put into words how I feel about the Self Love Awakening 8week course as I am still so blown away by the experience. I went into it a little nervous and unsure but was immediately made to feel so comfortable with Luna and the other amazing women in the course. Luna has a way of making you feel accepted and welcome as you are. Poor self esteem and self confidence had been a part of my life for so long I never believed I could change that. The skills Luna uses to support you in facing every part of yourself and changing the narrative with yourself is beyond amazing. I laughed, cried and was in awe of the amazing women in the group. The skills I am now practicing in my life are life changing! I have stumbled and I have moments of stress/anxiety that effect this, but I always work towards bringing myself back to practicing these skills that Luna has given me. I feel so honoured to have met Luna and had the amazing opportunity to join this program.


If you have been thinking about joining the next Self Love Awakening, I say DO IT! You wont regret it and will feel like a new woman."


Deb Mather

"Wow, where do I start... I cannot express into words the full appreciation and gratitude I have. I must admit I got totally blown away with how Luna has this most beautiful way of being able to bring one back home to oneself, and the full love and light in which we are, the Soul aspect of ourselves... Luna always invited us to work with her in a safe, loving and warm space within the group we were in, and showed nothing less than complete and utter love, kindness, compassion and care to each and every one of us Divine Beautiful Women, and helped us to feel comfortable enough to fully relax and just be our Complete Authentic Selves and have a heck of a lot of fun and laughter as well!!


I would highly recommend doing a course with Luna or working one on one with her in a heart beat


anyone who is ready and dedicated to truly returning home to the one person whom truly matters most in this world to return home to, and that is ourselves... our Core Divine Selves... Our Soul!!! Luna has been given a most Beautiful Gift in this World, and that is a Gift of helping others to return home to who they truly are, as Pure Beautiful Divinity!! Love You Luna ❤️🙏🏻😘 And Thank You again Beautiful Woman!"

Nicole Carter


Get in touch with me for a free Discovery Session, and take your first step on your journey back to self love. Calls are conducted via phone or zoom, and go for approximately 20 minutes. 

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