Let's Get to Know Each Other

I'm Luna. It's great to meet you...

If you’ve made it to this page, you’re in the right place.

Because I’ve been where you are.

Read on and let me know if this sounds familiar…

You spend all your energy and most of your time worried.

Worried about your fat rolls and body imperfections. If you’ve burnt enough calories in order to warrant that chocolate bar.

You’re worried that your gut is too big, your thighs touch or you’re not beautiful enough.

You worry that one day soon someone is going to figure out that you’re not all you’re cracked up to be.

So you please everyone else. You make sure that everyone is taken care of – you’re their go to person after all, right?

You eat, exercise, work or binge on TV, alcohol or drugs. However you can, you distract yourself.

You’ve closed yourself off because you know that revealing yourself is not an option.


Simply put, you're settling.

But there is this little voice that is getting louder and louder.

It tells you that maybe there is hope, just maybe you could chase your dreams and potentially even deserve happiness.

Could it really be?

But you don’t know where to start. How do you unravel a lifetime of self destruction? Is it even possible? Like many times before you sabotage yourself… oh well, back to the fridge.

You are tired, maybe even exhausted and you’ve been here for years. Stuck in a never ending cycle.

For the bigger part of my life... this was me.


Feeling like I would always hate my body and myself… and having no clear path to another reality.

On the outside I was happy and in control, but on the inside I wished desperately to be someone else and to have a different body.

I’ve lost 25kgs five times and each time I hoped that I would finally get the body I dreamed of and the happiness that came with it.

It never came. I hated myself from the inside out and nothing I did physically was changing that.

But I carried on, with that little voice of encouragement getting stronger over the years.

Then, I plunged into personal development.

Becoming a coach, watching, listening and learning from the experts.

Changing my appearance didn’t bring me any closer to self love but changing my thinking did.

I devoured books, tried countless techniques and failed a lot.

After decades of self hate and disordered eating I’ve finally learnt how to self love.

I’ve put down the expectations, the judgement and the pressure and picked up compassion, kindness and most importantly love.

I no longer spend my life fretting about how I look, and can comfortably navigate any situation knowing that who I am is enough and that I no longer need to impress anyone but my self.

The road to self love has not been short, or easy. There is no quick fix, magic pill or 12 week fad diet that will teach you how to love yourself inside and out.

But if you’re willing to put in the hard yards and do the work, you can learn to love who you are again.

I’ve done it, and the feeling is extraordinary.

I would love to show you how to get that feeling for yourself.

I’m ready when you are.

Love, Luna xoxo

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