Reveal & Heal Session

Integrative Self Love healing, embodiment, coaching and intuitive guidance Power Session.
This is time for you; an opportunity to clear and shift a particular area that’s getting you down.
What you can expect:
– As soon as I have enough information to move you forward, I will interrupt you and take you where you need to go. We won’t waste time living in your old stories.
– There is no right or wrong, no judgement and all of you is welcome, no matter how much shame you may be carrying, I love you and accept you as you come.
– I will use any tool from my range of skills to help you get a solid shift & fast. This may include ( but not limited to) digging deep into your beliefs, helping you to come back into your body, channeling messages from spirit to guide you or providing education to upskill you where you’re stuck.
– The session will go where it needs to and you will always get the medicine you need.
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