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When it comes to supporting our future generations, attending to our emotional health and tapping into our leadership, Luna knows one thing for sure – results are hard-won when you are your own worst enemy.

By drawing on her own experience from depression to self-acceptance, Luna influences her audience in the form of stories, anecdotes and metaphors that ignite, inspire and engage.

With over 5 years’ experience in the corporate world as a workshop facilitator and success coach, 10 years dedication to her craft and working one on with women of all ages;  Luna uses her own personal experiences of loss, eating disorders and body shame, as well as her adventure-filled life of roller derby, boxing, heavy lifting and world travel to show her audience just what it takes to be your strongest ally.

Whether you need a relatable tale, a reconnection to purpose or a guiding light to reignite a spark, Luna knows how to deliver. Tailored engagements to suit your needs means that your message is always on point, consistent and remembered long after Luna has left the building.

See below some of Luna’s most popular keynote topics and workshops.


Workshops For Schools and organisations

Custom talks for pre-teens, teens and parents to introduce the foundations of solid self esteem and healthy body image.

After understanding the specific outcomes of the talk for your pupils, Luna will craft a bespoke presentation to fit your needs. Areas of improvement to speak around include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Facing bullying from the viewpoint of accepting our uniqueness
  • Accepting diversity through ethnicity, sexuality and gender
  • Times of transition- useful for primary students moving into high school and high school student moving on from their formative education years
  • Changes to our body during puberty
  • Boundaries. Consent, saying no and asking for what you want.
  • Shyness, social skills and communication.

Luna draws on her decade worth of experience and dedication to the area of self esteem and body image to provide engaging, powerful talks that include her own stories of low self worth delivered in a relatable and kind approach.

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Confidence is not a dirty word- humans with higher self esteem are more likely to contribute their ideas, be creative and communicate their needs.

Some of the most precious solutions and opinions can be held by people who lack the courage, tenacity and resilience to step up and be heard and leaders must do all they can to encourage and empower their teams to put their best foot forward.

When we value ourselves, we value our work and when we know how to bounce back after getting knocked down or say what needs to be said when remaining quiet is safer, our workplaces can begin to truly thrive.

Our minds have become slaves to the increasing expectations and demands of time, money, resources, attention, for what’s next and keeping up with appearances.

We’ve lost control of our thinking which has led to a drastic increase is mental health complaints and afflictions.

In order to create thriving people, lives and workplaces we MUST reclaim our thinking, learn to take responsibility for our mental state and increase our emotional sensitivity.

Katie’s signature talk where she reveals her story from severe body image and self esteem issues leading to bulimia and 125 kgs of lost and reclaimed weight to loving the skin she’s in and accepting herself.

Society has told us that if we are not a certain size, shape or colour then we are imperfect and ought to try and fit the mould. The deep striving towards perfection has created an epidemic of women who are so afraid to be themselves and as a result we are deeply suffering.

The weight loss and cosmetics industries are making billions of dollars playing into our insecurities.

It’s time to rise! Learn what it takes to let go of negative thinking, say no to perfectionism and learn to love your body.

Women have long been subjected to the high levels of expectations of our personal appearances.

We are told to dress up in makeup, have our hair done and be polished at all times. Hours are spent in the mirror, at salons and at clothing stores in the attempt to perfect ourselves.

Our brains, our capacity for intelligence and our characters are secondary to the way we look and as a result, our society is suffering . The rise of female power comes not from degrading men or taking away the things that makes us feel good about ourselves but about realising our powerful and incredible minds.

This is all about empowering women to own their intelligence and value their brains over their looks.

Motivational And Inspirational Keynotes

Facing fear, doubt and shame can be enough to turn even the happiest camper into a negative Nellie. Once we include pressure, expectations and our whole range of feelings it’s no wonder that so many of us are struggling to feel happy and content.

Happy people are better workers, have healthier relationships and enjoy a better quality of life than those who are not.

Seeking happiness is not the be all and end all. Sitting in a hut on a mountain top meditating may be fine for monks but in every day life we face people, triggers and obstacles.

Learning to master our emotions means that we can traverse the world with confidence that we are capable to handle whatever life throw at us.

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Ready to take your event to the next level? Or perhaps you’re looking to inspire your staff with from-the-heart inspirational motivation?

As well as her keynote talks and workshops, Luna is able to tailor a program to suit your organisation’s needs. Get in touch to chat about how Luna can ignite the room and create an experience nobody will ever forget.

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