Love yourself, Love your body full day immersion

You’ve been taught over your lifetime that hating yourself is perfectly acceptable. Criticising and judging yourself is a daily routine.

You have parts of your body ( if not all ) that you are so ashamed of that you hide who you are. Your self talk is is negative, horrible and darn right mean.

STOP! It’s time to learn a different way to be, it’s time to stand up for you and decide that you are worth it.

Confidence is a skill and you can learn it!

Join me for this intimate workshop (only 40 tickets available) to unlearn the self hate and relearn self love. Immerse yourself with like minded women and take the opportunity to have real, live interactions, interventions and transformations.

You are perfect, valuable and incredible and it’s time you remembered it!

Saturday 5th May

Sacred Mist- Glenferrie road Malvern, Melbourne


$99- only 40 tickets so get in quick


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